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Massload ML700 Custom Tension Link Load Cell

All ML-700 Custom Tension Loadcells are made with the highest quality materials and manufactured through our specialized Quality Management System. An engineering team will work with you to guarantee the development of a tension link that meets all your requirements.

The ML-700 tension links are designed using the latest technology in 3D modeling and FEA analysis.

Custom tension links are available in capacities up to, and exceeding, one million pounds and can be designed to meet industrial safety factors of up to 1000% overload protection. Millivolt output or signal conditioning utilizing a 4-20 mA output for PLC interface are available.

  • Custom Tension load cell for crane, winching, lifting, and hanging scale applications.

  • Made from quality alloy steel from USA and/or European mills only.

  • Includes 40' cable to connect to display (not included)

  • ML-700 Custom Tension Links are tested and calibrated to standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST), USA.

  • All Massload Custom Tension Links are heat treated in an ISO9001 registered facility.

  • All Massload Custom Tension Links are surface coated using high phosphorous, corrosion and chip resistant, industrial grade electroless nickel in an ISO9001 registered facility.

  • Massload is the only Canadian load cell manufacturer to achieve VCAP (Verified Conformity Assessment Program) certification.

Capacities Any capacity (custom)
Accuracy 0.25% with 4-20mA
Safe Overload 150% to 250%  safe overload (standard but customizable)
Ultimate Overload 500% ultimate overload (standard but customizable)
Full Scale Ouput 0.5 mV/V to 2 mV/V +/- 25% depending on safety factor
20mA +/- 0.25% with 4-20mA
Maximum Excitation 10 volts DC / 350 Ohm
30 volts / 4-20mA
Operating Temp -40C to +80C (standard)
Compensated Temp -10C to +40C (standard)
Sealing Standard

IP-67 (standard) protected against high pressure jets of water and short periods of emersion
IP-68 (available) protected against high pressure jets of water and long periods of emersion at depths of up to 5m

Material 17-4PH Stainless Steel (standard), or
4140 / 4340 High Strength Alloy Steel
Protective Coating  High phosphorous, corrosion and chip resistant, industrial grade electrolysis nickel
Bridge Resistance 350 Ohm with mV/V output
4500 Ohm with 4-20mA output

Choose one of the following displays: (Click on display for further information)


           M1 Display                       MAX Display                 M2000 Display              M2000 Data Case

Pricing: (Display not included)

WL-700-10K, 10,000 lb x 10 lb, $997.00 CDN, $757.00 USD

WL-700-25K, 25,000 lb x 20 lb, $997.00 CDN, $757.00 USD

WL-700-50K, 50,000 lb x 50 lb, $1,347.00 CDN, $1,022.00 USD

WL-700-75K, 75,000 lb x 100 lb, $1,497.00 CDN, $1,135.00 USD

WL-700-100K, 100,000 lb x 100 lb, $1,627.00 CDN, $1,235.00 USD

WL-700-150K, 150,000 lb x 100 lb, $2,697.00 CDN, $2,047.00 USD

WL-700-200K, 200,000 lb x 100 lb, $3,597.00 CDN, $2,730.00 USD

WL-700-250K, 250,000 lb x 100 lb, $4,217.00 CDN, $3,199.00 USD

M1 Display, $567.00 CDN, $430.00 USD

MAX Display, $797.00 CDN, $605.00 USD

M2000 Display, $977.00 CDN, $741.00 USD (Other models available)

M2000 Data Case Display/Printer, $2567.00 CDN, $1948.00 USD

Pelican Case for 10K & 25K, $247.00 CDN, 

Pelican Case for 50K, $327.00 CDN, 

Pelican Case for 75K & 100K, $357.00 CDN, 

Pelican Case for 150K, $477.00 CDN, 

Pelican Case for 200K & 250K, $357.00 CDN, 

Need Wireless? Click here for the Wireless ML-700 Crane Scale

Higher capacities: Contact Us for Pricing

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